Family Education

Child Development

You may wonder if your child is progressing through the typical ages and stages.  Here are some resources to let you know how children develop.  Remember, some children progress through some stages more quickly or slowly than others.  Not hitting the milestone at the exact age does not mean there is something wrong with your child!

If you are ever concerned about your child, please call Cynthia or Cynthia!

Conscious Discipline

Our Center focuses on the whole child and uses social-emotional learning techniques from Conscious Discipline and other sources.  Our first goal is to make each child feel safe and connected.  When children feel safe and connected they learn and thrive.  They are also able to regulate their emotions and calm themselves when they are upset.  Once we get past COVID Restrictions, we will be offering family workshops courtesy of Child Care Services.  Here is some more information about our philosophy.  These handouts are also available on our info table in the lobby!

Community Resources

Here are links to some community resources!